Holiday Destinations in Malaysia

By: Thomas Teo

Many people are looking for holiday destination in Malaysia especially year end. Malaysia has many fun places to visit during holiday. Not only in Kuala Lumpur, you can also spend a few days at other states in Malaysia for the maximum fun.



In the early days, Brickfields apparently to be the centre of brick making.  Adopting the name from ‘brick’, it was initially develop by the last Kapitan Cina, Yap Kwan Seng. There are few places you can visit at Brickfields, Buddhist Maha Vihara, The Holy Rosary Church, and Our Lady of Fatima Church.

Buddhist Maha Vihara is located near to Stesen Sentral.  It was found in year 1894 by Sinhalese community as the Buddhism study center. It is now the major Buddhist Community Centre in Kuala Lumpur as well in Malaysia. Father Francis Emile Terrien is a French missionary. In year 1903, he constructed The Holy Rosary Church which took 18 month. The church was renovated on 1950 as we can sees today.  Our Lady of Fatima Church was found in year 1963, gathered Tamil-speaking in Brickfields, Bangsar, Pantai Dalam, and Old Klang Road areas. Most of the people speaks in both English and Tamil.



Located in Sabak Bernam district, Sekinchan is a small town producing rice in Malaysia. The name in Chinese has the meaning “village suitable for plantation”. The weather and land in Sekinchan is suitable for growing rice, fruits, and palm trees. They have the highest rice production in Malaysia, with 4,300 acres of areas. When arriving Sekinchan, you can see a wide green paddy field on your right. Sekinchan is also known as calm and busy fishing village. Here you can enjoy watching migratory birds, windy beach with beautiful sunset, and special build bird house. There are also fresh fruits and delicious seafoods that tempted your taste buds.

Istana Seri Menanti


Sri Menanti Royal Museum was originally a palace for Royal family in Seremban, built in year 1902 to 1905. It was used and residence until year 1932. The architecture design is rarely seen in Malaysia. Sri Menanti Royal Museum is a five storey wooden palace without using any nails and screws. It also uses 99 solid timber pillars in black colour with intricate flower to beautify the palace. If you visit the museum, you can find costumes, weaponry, bed chambers and documents.

Port Dickson


Port Dickson, which is also known as ‘PD’ by the local is a beach located at Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. The beach is reachable by taking highway. There are few popular beaches in Port Dickson, which are Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon, Bagan Pinang and Pantai Cahaya Negeri. Most of the major hotels, resorts and apartments is located around these popular beaches. If you wanted to visit Port Dickson, you need to be aware of the weather, as the monsoon period is bringing heavy rains during October till December and the sunniest month is between May and August. There is no need to worry when travelling in Port Dickson as you can find restaurants, banks and taxi around.

Batu Ferringhi


One of the places that tourists love to visit in Penang is Batu Ferringhi. The name “Ferringhi” is originated from Arabic which mean Western foreigner. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sea view and see Gunung Jerai, Kedah Peak on clear day. There is a famous rock since mid-20th century which is known as Lovers’ Isle and Ujong Batu in the old days. At the beach, you can have fun with water sports, horseback riding along the beach. At night, you can visit the street-side night market for inexpensive treasure!