Most Popular Holiday Destinations in Malaysia

By: Thomas Teo

During holiday, parents love to bring their children for a vacation. There many tourist attraction in Malaysia which also suitable for local to visit during holiday. Below are the most popular holiday destinations in Malaysia.

Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is located in the city, which also known as the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Merdeka Square is also known as Independence Square because Malaysia flag was first flew here in year 1957 when the country independent from Great Britain. The square is formed mostly by grass field, used by criket player during colonial days. The place is surrounded by famous building, such as National History Museum and Royal Selangor Club. Some public events, such as open air concerts, take place at the square, which is also a starting and ending point for marathon races around town.


KL Bird Park

Located in the peaceful Lake Gardens area, KL Bird Park is an eco-tourism site that it more than 3,000 birds belonging to 200 species can be found here. The birds are divided into four zones accordingly; three of the zones are called free-flight, because birds are leaved to fly freely wherever they want in surroundings that resemble their native, natural habitat. KL Bird Park is the largest free-flight park in the world. Visitors can walk around to watch the birds in these zones, making for a different experience. Caged birds are in the fourth zone.


Menara KL Tower

The almost 335-meter high Menara KL Tower is built for two purposes. The first is as a communications tower and the second is as a tourist attraction with a revolving restaurant and observation area that allows you to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur below. It is the highest public viewing area in the city. Travellers who have good athletic condition might consider to participate in the annual race to climb the steps to the top levels; couch potatoes can take the elevator.


Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is the largest Islamic art museum in Southeast Asia. Opening in 1998, there are more than 7,000 artifacts ranging from jewellery to a replica of the mosque in Mecca. The collection features artifacts from the Middle East, China, India, and Malaysia. The museum has 12 galleries, which mostly display items by type rather than geographic region. The museum is located near from Lake Gardens and not too far from a mosque.


Thean Hou Temple

If you love China culture, Thean Hou Temple will be something you are looking for in Kuala Lumpur, since it is one of the largest Chinese temples in Southeast Asia. It was opened in 1989 by Malaysia’s Chinese community, which represent the stunning example of Chinese architecture, with its four levels of orange-tiled pagodas. The temple honours Thean Hou, the goddess of the sea. With a spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur as a backdrop, the temple is a popular spot to take wedding photos. The temple is also a marriage registration office, with about 5,000 couples a year choosing to get married here.


Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is a stylish designed colonial building that combines both Eastern and Western architectural influences, including Moorish and Indian. Many have described its style as unique and stunning. The station was built in 1910 and served passengers bound for Singapore and other Southeast Asia destinations up until 2001. It was replaced by a more modern station from 2001. Most of the long-distance operations have moved to the Sentral Station, and commuter trains still use the station as do some long-distance travel by companies.