Serviced Apartments in Kuala Lumpur – The Benefits

By: Thomas Teo 

In this modern and busy society, many people need to travel for business purpose or holiday. Serviced apartments had become the popular choices instead of hotels for expatriates who need personal services. It also becomes another option for family travelers who prefer two or three bedroom apartment. Serviced apartments were furnished with kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. You can choose either staying for short term or long term.

Why do people prefer staying in serviced apartments instead hotels? There are few reasons that become the benefits of serviced apartments.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike hotels, serviced apartments offer competitive rates. Usually, the longer you stay, the rates are cheaper. The charges of serviced apartments and hotels are different too. Hotels charge according number of head. If you are booking one bedroom for serviced apartment which accommodate up to 2 people, you still pay the same even if it is 2 persons. Also, you can avoid costly hotel breakfast and room services by cooking yourself in the apartments using the dining facilities. This has given the second home feels for expatriates and business executives who traveling.

More spaces

Hotel room has a small sitting area with one or two beds, while serviced apartments have more activity space. By providing different space such as living room and kitchen, you can have a bigger space for working and relaxing. Expatriates and travelers have a comfortable environment during travel period.

Serviced Apartment feels like your Home

If you require a longer stay and more privacy, serviced apartments is a good option besides of expensive hotels. It is fully furnished with appliances for your daily life including washing machine, refrigerator, and television set. You might not found these features in a hotel room. Serviced apartment is just like your home! You have your own front door, sitting area, and kitchen for you to cook some nice foods. You can also invite your friends for gathering or clients for meetings in this comfortable area.

Offers benefits equivalent to hotels

Do you know that serviced apartment gave you the benefits of hotels too? All serviced apartment offer security and housekeeping services. Serviced apartment such as The Maple Suite which located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia even have a better facilities such as swimming pool with Jacuzzi, squash court, gym, sauna, and children playground. They also provide services like meeting facilities, 24 hours reception and message service, international direct dialing access, intercity transfer, valet parking, and room service.

Convenience location

Serviced apartments are usually located in great locations. You can easily access to public transport stations, major business, and shopping centre. Apartments like The Maple Suite are strategically located within walking distance from KL Tower, KLCC (Petronas Twin Tower) and Bintang Walk shopping center. If you need something urgently, you can get it easily without going far. If you don’t want to cook yourself, there are also food stall available near to most serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments have a clean, affordable, and conveniently located. For your next trip, consider serviced apartment as another option. They have several features that make you feel back to home.