Staying In Serviced Apartment During Trip

By: Thomas Teo

Whether you are an expat or traveler, serviced apartments are a good option for your stay, especially if you are staying for long period. In Kuala Lumpur, there are many well equipped serviced apartment in town area. In this article, you will found out the benefits of staying at serviced apartment.

24 Hour Reception Counter
To provide good services for customers, most of the serviced apartment have 24-hour reception counter service. They can help on assisting the guest with their travel arrangement such as local area transport, delivery services, restaurants recommendations, and other special request.

Comfort As Your Home
The main purpose of serviced apartment is to provide a secure and comfortable environment for people who live in the building., just like staying at your own house. They are often designed with separate living spaces and sleeping area. They will also include entertainment devices and equipment such as TVs, DVD, WiFi, and telephone line.

Fully Equipped And Private Kitchen
If you are staying for long period, living places with fully equipped furniture and appliance is beneficial for you daily life. Most of the serviced apartment are equipped with cooker, dishwasher, fridge, and dryer. Whenever you don’t wish to eat outside food, you may cook in the apartment.

Personalized Accommodation And Experience
One of the benefits of staying in serviced apart is, you will get exclusive and personalized living experience, where you are not able to enjoy living in hotels. If you are living in serviced apartment for long period, you may store up your groceries and favourite food on the cupboard. You can also display your family photo in the room.

Enjoy Privacy And Freedom of Space
Once you had booked serviced apartment for your stay, you can then enjoy your privacy to deal with your work if you are in a business trip. You do not have to book the conference room of the apartment, but host it in the living room or dining room if you are meeting few people. You can also invite your friend or family to relax in the apartment without disturb anyone, yet enjoy the privacy having fun time together. Serviced apartment has the average of 30% more space than hotel room. IT is definitely a great choice if you are travelling with children or numbers of friend without separate to other room. As serviced apartments are private, most of them are installed with 24-hours CCTV, to secure the entry of customer and staff of the apartment.

Affordable Price For Longer Stay
If you are planning for longer stay, most of the serviced apartment will give you a special rate. This can save up your budget and is the most economical way. You can then enjoy high satisfaction with great value of money.

Daily Life Essential Equipped
As serviced apartment is your temporary home during your trip, most of the apartment will stocked some daily life essential such as tea, coffee, and toiletries upon arrival. This is to let the customers feel comfortable, relaxed, and do what they want during stay.